Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack new Marilyn Monroe Netflix film ‘Blonde’
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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtrack new Marilyn Monroe Netflix film ‘Blonde’

Off the back of CARNAGE, and their forthcoming tour, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis have crowded their creative diaries once more with the announcement that they are set to work on the soundtrack for the new Netflix film, Blonde.

The new movie based on the life of legendary Golden Age actress, Marilyn Monroe, will be directed by Andrew Dominik, who has previously collaborated with The Bad Seeds pair on a few occasions, including the documentary One More Time with Feeling

The project has been described as a fictionalised account of Marilyn Monroe’s life, with Ana de Armas taking on the lead role and the likes of Adrian Brody, Julianne Nicholson and Scoot McNairy joining the cast. 

In an interview with the Guardian, the trio also revealed that Dominik is currently wrapping up on a project that saw him film the creative process behind the album CARNAGE

In the interview, Cave spoke of his creative partnership with Ellis, declaring: “In any situation, he wants the best for me, and I want the best for him. We have basically developed a way of working where we both relinquish control of the music we make together.” 

Adding: “We spend many hours improvising music together, sitting and playing in good faith without the politics and power grabs of many partnerships. We just let the songs find themselves.”

As of yet, no confirmed release date has been announced for the project, with further details due in the coming weeks.