Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic delayed for graphic content
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Netflix's Marilyn Monroe biopic delayed for graphic content

The iconic Marilyn Monroe continues to be a pop-cultural phenomenon decades after leaving a huge entertainment industry gap with her untimely demise. 

The Netflix biopic on this icon’s life starring Ana de Armas caused quite the stir but has now been pushed back for a 2022 release for reportedly containing hordes of explicit and graphic content, much to the studio’s dismay. 

Adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ Blonde, the undoubted foreword on Monroe’s starthe eponymous Netflix Original is directed by Andrew Dominik. The film garnered a lot of attention as it would provide an insight into the enigmatic life of Monroe.

However, according to World of Reel, Netflix wanted a new version of the film as they were not happy with Dominik’s cut. It paints Monroe’s life in an overtly sexual and misogynistic manner, even containing graphic scenes of sexual assault and “bloody menstrual cunnilingus”. 

While Netflix had hoped for the biopic to partake in the Oscar race, the film, which borders on the “obtuse arthouse” realm, left them disgruntled, and the director soon engaged in a conflict with the studio, causing further delay. 

Although the feature has a star-studded ensemble, comprising de Armas, Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson and Bobby Cannavale, it left Netflix horrified, and if they manage to come to a conclusion, we can hope for a 2022 release of Blonde