A brand new Sailor Moon movie is set to debut on Netflix
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A brand new Sailor Moon movie is set to debut on Netflix

She is the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and justice and she is set to do so once again in a forthcoming epic instalment for Netflix for the first time outside of Japan.

According to Deadline, the film, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, will arrive on June 3rd 2021 having already premiered back in its native Japan in January.

The latest features will focus on the dream segment of the original Naoko Takeuchi manga series. Directed by Chiaki Kon (also known for the Netflix anime series The Way Of The Househusband), the film will primarily focus on the Sailor Guardians, as well as the relationship between Chibi-Usa and Helios.

Netflix announced the forthcoming film via Twitter as they posted the trailer along with the tagline: “Join all your favorite Sailor Guardians as they battle the mysterious Dead Moon Circus and awaken dazzling new powers.”

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You can catch the superb trailer for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal below.