A list of secret Netflix codes to unlock thousands of movies
(Credit: Mollie Sivaram)


A list of secret Netflix codes to unlock thousands of movies

The Netflix algorithm is infamously the only thing more pernickety about genre than heavy metal fans. This is very handy when it comes to exploring a sub-genre that you like, but the issue is often finding the content in the first place.

Buried in the depths of Netflix is a slurry of hidden gems and thanks to a bit of technical application you can mine that hidden treasure from the comfort of your own sofa.

Currently, you will only be recommended categories via the Netflix algorithm if you have recently watched something similar, thus if you’re a big film noir but you’ve had your fill for a while then you may be missing out.

Thanks to the Telegraph, you can now expand your viewing horizons in a few simple steps which will allow you to access hundreds of features that are potentially currently hidden from your view.

All you have to do is log into your Netflix account and enter www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX into your browser’s toolbar (instead of typing XXXX, you’ll simply type in a series of numbers that correspond to Netflix’s subgenres in the list below).

Happy hunting fellow Netflix fiends:

  • Action & Adventure: 1365
  • Anime: 7424
  • British programmes: 52117
  • Children & Family: 783
  • Classic: 31574
  • Comedies: 6548
  • Comedy films: 6548
  • Documentaries: 6839
  • Dramas: 5763
  • Horror: 8711
  • Music: 1701
  • Romantic: 8883
  • Sci-fi & Fantasy: 1492
  • Sports: 4370
  • Thrillers: 8933
  • TV Shows: 83