The new Netflix thriller that’s rising up the Top 10
(Credits: Netflix)

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The new Netflix thriller that's rising up the Top 10

A new Netflix thriller from the director of Boiling Point is rapidly climbing the Top 10 in Ireland. Accused, which stars Chaneil Kular from Sex Education, follows a young man named Harri who falls into a suspenseful game of cat and mouse after being wrongly identified as a wanted terrorist.

The official synopsis reads: “When online threats lead to an in-real-life home invasion, a young man must fight for his life in this tense thriller of virtual witch-hunts and false accusations.” 

After moving to an isolated part of the country to look after his parent’s house, revenge-obsessed culture and social media begin to have terrifying and tangible consequences as Harri is targeted by anti-terrorist vigilantes, sparking a fight for his life in his childhood home.

Director Philip Baranti’s previous movie was the hugely successful Boiling Point, which starred fellow Liverpudlian Stephen Graham in a nail-bitingly tense one-take drama set in a high-octane kitchen.

The 2021 movie got such a good reception and devoted fan following that it has now been confirmed that a spin-off TV series has been planned and is in the works.

Baranti, whose directorial debut was the 2020 British action crime thriller Villain, had previously carved a successful career as an actor. He portrayed Billy O’Neil in Sky One’s sports drama Dream Team in 1998 and Sergeant Wayne A. ‘Skinny’ Sisk in HBO’s seminal WWII series Band of Brothers. The HBO series was created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, who had both previously shown their proficiency for such tales during the making of their 1998 Oscar-winner Saving Private Ryan.

It was on Band of Brothers that Baranti met Graham, and the two would reunite for the Boiling Point short film in 2019, which would serve as the proof of concept needed to secure funding for the 2021 movie version. Watch the trailer for Accused below.