Netflix viewers “blown away” by Stephen Graham in ‘Boiling Point’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix viewers "blown away" by Stephen Graham in ‘Boiling Point’

Netflix viewers have been awed and “blown away” by the brilliant performance of Stephen Graham in the one-take thriller drama Boiling Point

Directed by Philip Barantini, the 2021 film sees Graham as a restaurant chef in a movie shot in a restaurant kitchen. The film upholds the relentless tension in a restaurant kitchen as the head chef tries to extract maximum effort and output from his team on a busy day. 

However, life has different plans, and his life begins to spiral in a series of fateful and unprecedented events. Filled with intense and gripping action, the film is an immersive experience. Graham’s sensational performance won him strings of honest praise from audience members who are in awe of the bold and sensitive content.

Barantini’s previous profession as a chef gives him a subtle understanding of the genre and helps add a dimension to the same. 

Graham stands out as Andy as he displays his emotional and psychological turmoil while caught between his personal and professional life’s throes. He adds a certain sense of raw vulnerability to his flawed character, making the audience members revel in his agony. 

This role cements his name as one of the finest actors in British cinema. Graham was recently seen in Peaky Blinders alongside Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Any Taylor-Joy and countless others. 

Viewers have been praising how “ridiculously good” he is in the role. Others cannot help but marvel at the brilliant portrayal of the pressure of working in the hospitality industry. 

Boiling Point is available for streaming on Netflix UK and Ireland.