New Netflix series saw Mike Myers return as the iconic Shrek
(Credit: Netflix)

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New Netflix series saw Mike Myers return as the iconic Shrek

The world’s most beloved green ogre is back with his Scottish accent in the latest Netflix series, The Pentaverate, where lead actor Mike Myers voices the character of Shrek in one particular scene, much to the delight of fans. 

The Pentaverate is a six-episode series that was released on Netflix on May 5th, 2022, and was met with a mixed reception. 

With six episodes, the series features Myers in eight different roles and Jennifer Saunders in two. The rest of the cast includes Ken Jeong, Lydia West, Keegan-Michael Key, Debi Mazar and Richard McCabe while Jeremy Irons is the narrator. 

Created by Myers and directed by Tim Kirkby, the show features Myers as a Canadian journalist who wants to uncover the secrets behind the secret society called the Pentaverate, who have probably influenced the various world events since the 1347 Black Plague. 

In one of the scenes, Myers finds himself facing a huge, angry beast who can only be taken on by one of his most iconic characters. Thus Shrek makes a cameo, voiced by Myers. Although it is more of a costume, the quintessential Shrek voice has amazed fans. 

As Shrek says, “I’ve got this one laddy. I’m the real ogre… now get out of my swamp!”, the legendary The Monkees track from the Shrek franchise, titled ‘I’m a Believer’ plays in the background. 

With an epic trilogy, Shrek was last seen 12 years back in Shrek Forever After. The Shrek franchise is streaming on Netflix and has topped the global charts for a long time. 

Take a look at the iconic scene from the show: