Netflix reveals Mike Myers series ‘The Pentaverate’ details
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix reveals Mike Myers series ‘The Pentaverate’ details

The new Mike Myers Netflix comedy series The Pentaverate has recently released its trailer that gives an insight into the first look and other details regarding the same. 

Ahead of the launch of this six-episode series trailer, Myers had teased the trailer with images that featured the number five from the title. The number appears quite prominently throughout the announcement, posted at 5:55 am. P.T. The series will also debut on May 5th, 2022. 

Jeremy Irons serves as the narrator of the series. It features Myers in eight different roles and Jennifer Saunders in two. Ken Jeong, Lydia West, Debi Mazar, Richard McCabe and Keegan-Michael Key have joined the cast. 

Created by Myers, the series is directed by Tim Kirkby. Myers plays the role of a Canadian journalist who wants to uncover the secrets behind the secret society called the Pentaverate, who have probably influenced the various world events since the 1347 Black Plague. 

While on this mission, he might end up saving the world and will be joined by Lydia West’s character, who hides a secret of her own. 

Netflix has released details about the rest of the cast, where Myers will play widespread roles, including a journalist, a conspiracy theorist, a conservative radio host, a rock ‘n’ roll manager, a tech nerd, a member of the Pentaverate, an ex-media magnate and a Russian oligarch. 

Jeong will be seen as a casino mogul while Key will play the role of a nuclear physicist. Mazar will portray the character of a loyal and dependable Pentaverate Executive Assistant, while Richard McCabe will be heading the security force of this secret society. 

Saunders will be seen as the head investigator for the Pentaverate and her sister. 

Take a look at the teaser trailer below: