Netflix’s ‘You’ season 3 stars open up about the notorious cage
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix’s 'You' season 3 stars open up about the notorious cage

Netflix’s You season 3 was quite the rollercoaster ride with a gruesome premise. Like Peach and Candace, the third season saw some of Love Quinn’s victims undergo a grisly ending. However, some were lucky enough to escape her pernicious clutches and survive. 

The show sees Love and Joe Goldberg moving to an upper-class neighbourhood in Madre Linde where they befriend the social media influencers Sherry and Cary Conrad, played by Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle. The duo, although judgemental and conniving, manage to befriend the Quinn-Goldbergs and soon propose a scandalous foursome. 

However, sexy times go awry when the Conrads are thrown into the infamous and notorious cage after they overhear the murderous couple discussing Natalie’s murder. They emerge, although not unscathed, as a stronger couple and even capitalise on it by writing a book and attending TED talks. 

Grant, playing Sherry, gloated over their survival. She said, “We not only survived but we thrived.” She spoke of how they were “going to be making history within the series as the first caged couple”, emerging alive, unlike the few other previous occupants. 

Although Grant was not very eager when she heard that her character was going to survive, she soon understood how “poetic” it was for the couple to have “survived this dehumanising situation”. 

The cage sequence, according to Van Winkle, helped the Conrads reevaluate their relationship and try to rediscover the genuine facets. “All of their layers were peeled back when they got into that cage, and what you realize is that they’re a damn good team.”

Continuing, Van Winkle said that although the audience might dislike the couple throughout the season, the cage sequence brings out a “beautiful” moment of truth. He confessed, “It was so iconic to be in that damn cage, let me tell you. But it was even more iconic to make it out.”

Talking about the infamous swinging session, audience members still cannot process Cary’s exhibition of self-love as he pleasures himself to his own image in the mirror. Besides teaching Joe how to embrace his inner beast, Cary scarred Goldberg by displaying his extreme love for himself. 

Talking about this “memorable moment”, Van Winkle said, “It was a moment where Cary really got to represent how much he loves himself. Self-love is a very important thing in life, and I don’t want to knock that down. There’s a moment where Cary wants Joe to love himself as much as Cary loves himself. It’s a teaching moment, and it was one of my funniest moments on set.”