Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ faces script re-writes as star refuses to return
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix's ‘The Crown’ faces script re-writes as star refuses to return

Netflix’s hit series The Crown faces extensive script rewrites after one of the stars of the show refused to return for the latest season.

While the scripts were already written, producers have apparently failed to convince Gillian Anderson to reprise her central role as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher prompting major overhauls. 

Producers were hoping that Anderson would star in an episode covering Queen Elizabeth’s golden wedding anniversary with Prince Phillip. Anderson would’ve feature heavily as Thatcher in the episode. 

However, due to alleged “scheduling issues”, she is unable to return, and scriptwriters are wrestling with the headache of how to get around scripting The Crown without the central Thatcher role being filled. 

While scheduling issues have been cited, many will also point to the fact that Anderson recently split from The Crown’s creator Peter Morgan as a potential reason for her not responding. 

In the aftermath of the split, Anderson appeared to say that the series could have taken a more cutting look at the subject matter. 

Netflix have not yet announced a release date for season six of The Crown but it has been touted by sources as due in December 2023.