Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ season 3 teases cast in new promo
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix’s 'The Circle' season 3 teases cast in new promo

Netflix has managed to renew The Circle for a third season that drops on September 8, 2021, and have dropped an exclusive teaser promo that teases the possible cast reveal. 

Are you ready to witnesses more subtle catfishes, strong alliances and scintillating outfits? Are you ready to see the contestants charm their way and befriend each other just to win that whopping $100000? 

While we are eagerly waiting to see who are the newest bunch of people moving into the flats before we follow them on Instagram for regular updates, Netflix dropped a teaser promo, alerting us about the new #CircleFam reveal to happen today, on August 27, 2021. 

The hazy faces on the orbs are hard to comprehend but let us keep waiting for them to give us a sneak peek! It’s the first taste of the highly anticipated new season.  

Brandon Riegg, the Vice President of the unscripted and documentary content at Netflix, stated that the renewal of the show is a result of the incredible success it had turned out to be when “more than 14 million households” tuned in to watch the second season within a month of its arrival. He stated, “Thanks to the overwhelming response, we’ve already renewed the show for two more seasons”. 

He confirmed that “the talented and quick-witted Michelle Buteau will return to host both seasons”. 

After airing for three seasons, The Circle UK was cancelled earlier this year. Although, Netflix confirmed after the cancellation that they were in talks to revive the show, which aired on Channel 4. Negotiations are ongoing between the programme’s producer Studio Lambert and the streaming service.

Watch the teaser promo for The Circle US below: