Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ showrunners spill interesting details about season 6
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Netflix's 'Lucifer' showrunners spill interesting details about season 6

After Fox cancelled Lucifer after season three, fans were happy about Netflix resuscitating the show which became an instant fan favourite for the streaming platform. Last week, the series came to an end after a successful six-season run. The showrunners have now revealed what part of season six was taken from the fifth season finale. 

Originally the series was supposed to end with five seasons. However, Netflix decided to give the Devil a little more time to wreak havoc and make viewers swoon with his charisma. They added six more episodes, making season six the final season. 

Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, revealed how they formed the sixth season by cutting out a substantial chunk from the fifth season aka the original finale. 

Season five saw Tom Ellis as Lucifer the Devil sitting atop the throne on Heaven, becoming the next God and his father’s worthy successor. However, the sixth season saw how he comes to terms with his true calling as the Devil and the Prince of Hell who wanted to help the damned find redemption instead of inflicting punishment on them. 

This decision led him to separate from the love of his life, Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German who choose mortality and stayed on earth to nurture her daughter. Henderson revealed that Lucifer’s decision to go back to Hell — the decision that caused the duo to drift away and walk their separate paths — was originally intended to be incorporated in the fifth season but was carried over to the following season. 

He said, “Yeah, it was really the decision of Lucifer to go down to hell and redeem the lost souls, and the idea of Lucifer and Chloe, realizing that they had both two separate paths but two paths that would still hopefully meet in the middle long term.”

He continued, “So all of those elements were still there, and honestly one of the wonders of season 6 was that we got to really earn those paths even more so, I feel than we could have.” 

“We were epiloguing a lot, in a way that we were excited about, but now we got to dramatize those moments. And that was just so fulfilling because we really wanted to earn those decisions even more so and live in them,” said Henderson. 

“And being able to bring in Rory, also, really was just such a godsend, some might say – an Amenadielsend – because that really helped us find a way to dramatize it and also find a way to dig into Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship in one final, unique way.”

Just like Ellis and German had spoken of how they were not aiming at a sweet, wholesome ending but rather at a more realistic one that focused on the present, Modrovich had some of his own thoughts to share regarding how they wanted their ending to not be happy and cute by a mix between “a darkness and a lightness”, which according to him, is a “sweet spot” they discovered over the six years. 

He said, “So watching those final moments, and that moment when Lauren is in Heaven in that white space, and that single tear gets me every fricking time.”

He also spoke of the piano scene which has indeed been quite emotional for viewers to watch as well. “And the scene at the piano when they are… The pain that Chloe is feeling that she doesn’t show to Lucifer, and she’s crying…They’re both in pain, but she’s being so stoic.”

Talking about how they embedded the supernatural elements of the show in realism, he revealed, “And all of those moments, they hit you because they’re real. And I know that was a big thing for all of us, we wanted it to feel impactful and real, as real as it could in the land of Lucifer.”

The sixth season of Lucifer is streaming on Netflix right now. 

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