The cast of Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ talk about a possible film in the future
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The cast of Netflix's 'Lucifer' talk about a possible film in the future

After Fox cancelled Lucifer after season three, fans were happy to find out about Netflix resuscitating the show. With the streaming platform’s backing, it became an instant fan favourite. Last week, the series officially came to an end after a successful six-season run. Now, the stars have started talking about the possibility of making a film. 

Lucifer Morningstar, tired of being the Prince of Hell, descends (or ascends) to Earth to wreak havoc and, in doing so, becomes the partner of a detective named Chloe Decker. Suave and charming and expertly clad in crisp suits, over the six seasons, Lucifer navigates friendships, love, struggles, daddy issues, sibling rivalry and comes to terms with himself and his true purpose via therapy. 

Although the series is over, the main leads, Tom Ellis and Lauren German, who played the roles of Lucifer and Chloe respectively, have revealed they would not hate the idea of reprising their roles in future. Although there is no official confirmation, the stars are open to the idea of starring in a future film together. 

In a conversation with The Wrap, the stars had a lot to share about their feelings regarding a possible feature film project: “My fantasy is that we shoot a Lucifer movie, but in the style of Naked Gun and Airplane! So if we could ask the fans if they are ok with a Naked Gun/Airplane-style Lucifer movie (laughs),” said German about the series finale. 

However, she praised her co-star for his natural ability to be super cool. “But no, I mean, Tom says it so well, how do you say it, muffin? It’s the right time to say goodbye.”

When asked about their feelings about the show coming to an end, Ellis said something that would make fans squeal in delight. 

“It does feel like the right time. Never say never, and all of those things, but this feels like, this incarnation of these characters in this show, this feels like this is the right time to finish,” he said, before adding, “Will we ever reprise these roles again? I don’t know. I don’t know. But at least the movie sounds fun in the future!”

Although we do not know the realities of a possible film, fans surely did not see the wedding they had hoped for. While Chloe stays in the mortal world, raising her daughter, Lucifer returns to Hell to continue with his duties of reforming the damned and rehabilitating them to be good enough to go up to heaven. 

Ellis spoke about the ending of the show and said that they did not want to “do an end to show where the audience has their cake and eat it and then had some more cake and then more cake after that”. 

“It just didn’t feel right. It feels like that’s not a true reflection of what this show has been or a true reflection of what we’re maybe trying to say at the end of it.”

He added, “And I think that to have that sacrifice made at the end, to understand that sacrifice, for Rory and Lucifer to truly understand why they didn’t spend their lives together, was the most important thing. Because once they understood that, they could accept it, and then that made everything else fall into place.”

Talking about how they wanted the audience to think about the “here and now” instead of all the possible happenstances, he said, “So they didn’t live happily ever after – but they did because they could.”

Watch the trailer for the sixth season that is now streaming on Netflix: