Why is Netflix’s Korean dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ so popular?
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Why is Netflix’s Korean dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ so popular?

Love Island and Too Hot To Handle fans have already found their newest interest in the form of a Korean dating reality show Single’s Inferno. Now, we are forced to question ourselves if we require another beach dating show?

Abound in attractive young people; the show is a haven for engaging in peppy affairs, audacious activities, torrid love triangles and cheesy romantic scenes. The show is a perfect example of glamping, filled with well-dressed individuals who survive in aesthetic Instagram tents. 

Unlike its counterparts and predecessors, the Korean show tends to the conservative mindset of the culture and is pretty low on the sex drive. However, the single people are equally thirsty to find love and have successfully avoided steamy scenes, indulging in high-school-like crushes on one another. The show has clambered up the charts, making its way into Netflix’s global Top 10 charts of the international TV shows. 

It seems like after the success of Korean dramas and films, besides K-Pop, the world is indeed interested in watching more Korean content due to the Korean Wave that has had an enormous impact worldwide.

While we ponder over what makes the whole premise of the show so interesting, here is everything we know about Single’s Inferno

What is Single’s Inferno

Stranded on an isolated island dubbed “Inferno”, single Korean men and women beat the sweltering heat, dressed impeccably, trying hard to woo one another. In a South Korean and more PG version of Too Hot To Handle, Single’s Inferno is yet another reality dating show that sees the pursuit of romance amidst the daunting task of sustaining oneself on an island amidst escalating conflict, tension and competition. 

The participants partake in various games that involve physical abilities, wit and emotional thinking skills while looking for water, preparing their food and taking care of their necessities. 

While mingling with one another, the contestants have to maintain the oath of secrecy and not reveal anything about themselves to each other. After being paired up, they are whisked away to an expensive hotel for an intimate night out before being left to begin from the very start at the island yet again. 

As is the norm for every Korean reality show, the contestants’ moves are closely followed and analysed by a celebrity panel who also provide umpteen jokes and distractions, trying to mediate the tension in the atmosphere and constantly uplift the spirits of the contestants. 

How many episodes are there in Single’s Inferno

The first season of Single’s Inferno has eight episodes with eight cast members. 

Who are the cast members on Single’s Inferno? 

Single’s Inferno has a star-studded celebrity panel that comprises comedian Hong Jin-kyung, singers Hanhae and Kyuhyun as well as actor Lee Da-hee to oversee the show proceedings. 

Single’s Inferno has a wide variety of participants like any other reality dating show. Whether they are boxing gym owners, fashion mavens or neuroscience majors, these young and attractive people flock together to revel in the spotlight and rendezvous. 

The cast members are Kim Jun-Sik, An Yea-Won, Kang So-Yeon, Oh Jin-Taek, Song Ji-A, Moon Se-Hoon, Shin Ji-Yeon and Kim Hyeon-Joong.

Out of the many participants, fans seem to have taken a special liking to Song Ji-a, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Jennie from BLACKPINK with her cold and sassy behaviour, designer items and picture-perfect style. Surrounded by Prada and other extravagant fashion accessories, Song has recently found herself in the middle of a burgeoning love triangle. 

Out of the other stand-outs, Moon Se-hoon has grabbed quite the attention due to his relentlessness and never give up attitude. Viewers have shared memes and GIFs about how steadfast he has been in his pursuit of the woman he has a crush on since the very first episode.  

Fans also like the charming Oh Jin-taek, who is on the lookout for “flaming romance” while already having broken quite a few women on the show. 

Where have they filmed Single’s Inferno

Single’s Inferno was filmed on a “deserted island”. However, the exact location has not yet been discovered. While many speculated the shooting to have taken place on Jeju Island, it is not exactly deserted due to the booming tourism currently. 

The contestants are seen having a gala time, and after being paired up, they live in a luxurious hotel and resort called Paradise City, located near Incheon International Airport. 

Will there be a second season of Single’s Inferno

Given its huge fanbase, a second season of the show seems inevitable. While we will surely get to see a new set of participants after season one comes to an end, we are curious to know if they retain the celebrity panel given how humorous and fun-loving they are.