Netflix users can’t handle new ‘Ginny and Georgia’ development
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix users can't handle new ‘Ginny and Georgia’ development

Netflix viewers have expressed concern over a particularly “outrageous” moment in the second series of Ginny and Georgia The show follows 15-year-old high schooler Ginny – played by Antonia Gentry – and her mother Georgia – Brianne Howey – as they try to make a new life for themselves in a small town in New England.

Following the success of the first season, which ran in February 2021, Ginny and Georgia is back. But some fans aren’t happy, taking to social media to express their doubts about a recent plot development.

The scene under fire features a kiss between Joe, the owner of Blue Farm Café, played by Raymond Ablack, and Cynthia, played by Sabrina Grdevich. Viewers say they were hoping Joe would end up in the arms of Georgia, who, apparently, has much more natural chemistry with Joe than Cynthia.

One disgruntled viewer, @esecret333, wondered if they were “hallucinating” the scene while another, @EvaNadya9, wrote: “I guess they decided to put two broken hearts together but yeah… We all hate it.”

Others were more steadfast in their opinion, with one viewer writing: “Everyone hates it. There is no chemistry.” Meanwhile, @rosefromsaturn seemed positively bemused, expressing her consternation with a tweet reading: “Joe and Cynthia hooking up??? sorry but they don’t fit AT ALL. no chemistry, nothing, nada.”

Criticisms aside, Ginny and Georgia has already won a horde of devoted fans, with many praising the new series for its playfulness and unpredictability. Indeed, many seem to agree with Georgia’s belief that the mother-and-daughter duo are “like the Gilmore Girls but with bigger boobs.” However, it will take season two to establish if the series has the staying power of the classic sitcom.