Netflix share two new clips of ‘The Dragon Prince’ at San Diego Comic-Con
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix share two new clips of 'The Dragon Prince' at San Diego Comic-Con

Netflix have premiered two new clips from The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend.

The streaming giant previously shared a teaser from the upcoming animation in June. However, it didn’t really give fans a clear perspective about what to expect from the latest instalment of the series, but thankfully these new clips give fans an idea of what The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos beholds.

The synopsis for the first clip reads: “Two years have passed since the Battle of the Storm Spire. Claudia, under the guidance of Aaravos, has successfully resurrected her father, Viren. Meanwhile, Callum—now the High Mage of Katolis—contemplates an ancient relic discovered in his predecessor’s chambers.”

It starts where the last season ended, and the first image we see is of Viren, who has awakened in a mystery location. He is joined by his daughter, Claudia, who tells him about his “creepy caterpillar friend” that had grown into a cocoon. In the clip, the title of the next chapter is also revealed as Book 4: Earth, Chapter 1: Rebirthday.

Meanwhile, the synopsis for the second clip reads: “Following their dramatic reunion, Claudia introduces Viren to the energetic and empathetic Earthblood elf, Terry…who also happens to be her new boyfriend.”

Again we see Viren and Claudia in this clip and discover the latter has found a boyfriend called Terry over the two years since we last caught up with her. However, Viren doesn’t seem to accept him with warm, open arms, and perhaps, there will be a future conflict between them.

Watch the clips below.