Netflix to release four blockbuster series this September
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix to release four blockbuster series this September

Netflix has a pretty tight schedule this August with brilliant films such as The Kissing Booth 3, Beckett, Sweet Girl and more lined up, besides highly anticipated series such as Brand New Cherry Flavour, follow-up seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Valeria and more. 

However, September 2021 is seemingly even more exciting with four new follow-up seasons of Netflix’s most popular and highest engrossing drama series that include Lucifer, Kota Factory, Money Heist and Sex Education

Alex Pina’s Money Heist is set to stream its fifth and final season that shall see the greatest heist in history come to an end, with its first part streaming on September 3, 2021. The recently released trailer promises raging melancholy, dramatic tension, highly stylised action, loss, grief, bloodlust and more. 

The Professor is held hostage by Sierra and the gang inside the Bank of Spain are directionless, almost without a father and must try and get out alive as the army begins to encroach in on their space.  

Similarly, one of Netflix’s most popular shows in the fantasy genre, Lucifer will be releasing its sixth and final season on September 10, 2021. Tom Ellis, who portrays the Prince of Hell in his highly charming and suave self, recently took to Instagram to announce the same with the caption “The end is nigh”. He had previously stated how he would rather have the show have a “proper ending” than being dragged along for seasons with no apparent conclusion. 

Fans have gone wild with conspiracy theories where many assume that Lucifer might resign from his status as the Prince of Hell to seek a secure future with Chloe while others think that Chloe might be immortalised. Whatever happens, the teaser promises to be Lucifer’s “last night in L.A.” which definitely raises a lot of questions that will only be answered on September 10th. 

The popular teen-comedy series Sex Education starring Asa Butterfield is set to release its season three on 17th September comprising eight episodes. The first two seasons of the show have been extremely delightful, tugging at the heartstrings yet being filled with fun and laughter, often oscillating towards more serious issues, including sexual harassment, consent, abortion and more. 

The new season will feature the new headteacher of the school, Hope, while also focusing on Otis and his friends’ adventures and escapades. 

Kota Factory was a hit web series in India created by Saurabh Khanna and TVF and was acquired by Netflix and became an instant favourite worldwide. 

It focuses on the Indian education system and the banalities that include sending children to an isolated environment to prepare for professional courses such as engineering, medical and more. The second season, however, will focus on Vaibhav Pandey and his IIT dreams that are on the brink of collapse owing to the loneliness and lack of emotional connection that haunts him while he tries to live up to parental expectations.