Netflix movie based on Stephen King novel has scene so grim it’s making people pass out
(Credits: Netflix)

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Netflix movie based on Stephen King novel has scene so grim it's making people pass out

If you’ve ever encountered the twisted, horror-filled world of Stephen King, you will be all too aware of its terrifying nature. Over the years, his literary work has formed the inspiration for a variety of classic horror flicks, from The Shining to Misery. Recently, though, a new adaptation of his book Gerald’s Game created by Netflix has proved particularly stomach-churning for some viewers. 

Netflix has adapted a fair few King novels, and remade some already existing adaptations, but their version of the 1992 book Gerald’s Game stands among their most popular efforts. King’s novel follows the story of a woman who is handcuffed to a bed when her husband suffers a heart attack. Unable to get help, or free herself, she remains trapped on the bed and soon starts hearing voices in her head. 

Prior to Netflix’s involvement, the popular book had never previously been adapted to film. Fittingly, the streaming service recruited Mike Flanagan to direct the project, on the strength of his many horror films including Absentia and Oculus. Unsurprisingly, Flanagan made a pretty compelling adaptation of Gerald’s Game, perhaps too compelling for some. 

Upon its original release in 2017, the film was a hit for Netflix, proving to be popular with horror fanatics as well as everyday moviegoers. In the years that followed its release, Gerald’s Game continued to pull in impressive streaming numbers on the platform, but some fans found it a difficult watch to say the least. 

Discussing the film on social media, multiple viewers have discussed the effects of the film’s gruesome imagery. While the general reception of the film is pretty positive, some users on X, formerly Twitter, noted that the film made them “sick to [their] stomach” and even “feel faint”. 

While eliciting sickness and unconsciousness is not something that most movies strive to achieve, these reactions are fairly in-keeping with the prolific horror writing of Stephen King, and the films which adapt his work. 

If you are in the mood for some horror, Gerald’s Game is still available to stream on Netflix, though it is not for the faint of heart. Flanagan’s film is essential viewing for fans of King, and of horror in general, just make sure you have a sick bag ready for the climatic scene at the end.