Netflix share trailer for ‘The Good Nurse’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix share trailer for 'The Good Nurse'

Next month, the crime thriller The Good Nurse arrives on Netflix, and the shocking first trailer has arrived.

The upcoming film is based on a chilling true story about a nurse portrayed by Jessica Chastain, who did the Lord’s work by stopping a prolific serial killer from committing more crimes. It’s based on the book, The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber, which tells the heroic tale of Amy Loughren.

She becomes suspicious about her new co-worker Charlie Cullen, who is played by Eddie Redmayne, after many patients mysteriously die. Loughren, who is a single mother, risks not only her life but her children’s life too as she investigates Cullen.

“I live in New York and I had no idea who Charlie Cullen or Amy Loughren were,” Chastain told EW. “Learning about this story and that it actually happened, I was very disappointed in the hospital system and for-profit medicine and the idea that this could go on for so long and be covered up. And I was incredibly impressed with Amy Loughren because without her it would’ve continued to go on.”

“We make so many movies about superheroes,” she adds. “My dad’s a fireman paramedic, my brother serves in the military — so often we’re surrounded by people who are doing the work to make all of our lives healthy and safe, and oftentimes they go unnoticed, so I was really excited about using this opportunity to amplify her and her story and her courage.”

Meanwhile, Redmayne said: “I couldn’t believe I didn’t know more about it. The script itself and then Charlie Graeber’s book were an astonishing revelation. What struck me was that [Cullen] did show and demonstrate great empathy, and weaponized his empathy so extraordinarily against these vulnerable people.

“It was really frightening to see how someone — as damaged and with his history, how he could’ve got into a position in which he had such power over vulnerable people. He was hiding in plain sight.”

The Good Nurse premieres in select theatres on October 19th and arrives on Netflix on October 26th. Watch the trailer below.