Netflix reveals the shows that won’t be returning until 2025
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix reveals the shows that won't be returning until 2025

Netflix has announced a list of shows that will be airing on the platform this year and those that won’t be coming until 2025. 

Many popular shows have been renewed for subsequent seasons over the past few years, but some of them aren’t scheduled for release just yet. One of these is Wednesday, which hasn’t even begun production for its second season.

The show aired in November 2022, with Jenna Ortega playing the titular character, based on the goth icon from The Addams Family. During its first week of release, the show racked up a record-breaking 341million watched hours.

Season five of Stranger Things – which will be the final instalment of the beloved show – isn’t scheduled until 2025. Production started in January 2024, with the writers’ and actors’ strikes being cited as the main reason for the delays.

Fans of The WatcherGinny and Georgia and Virgin River might also be disappointed to discover that no new seasons of these shows will be released this year. 

Still, most Netflix users will be pleased to discover that some of the most popular shows of the last few years will be delivering new seasons in 2024, from Cobra Kai and The Night Agent to Bridgerton and Squid Game.