Netflix renews ‘Heartstopper’ for two more seasons
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix renews ‘Heartstopper’ for two more seasons

As Netflix continues to ramp up their production of queer content, they have revealed Heartstopper has now been renewed for two more seasons. 

The show, directed by Euros Lyn, is based on Alice Oseman’s eponymous webcomic and graphic novel. Starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke, the show is an empathetic and delicate exploration of politics of sexuality, identity and self-discovery shrouded in warmth, feelings and positive emotions. 

After its release, the series became an instant sensation on Netflix, topping charts in over 50 countries. Critically acclaimed and well-received by fans with a rare and impressive 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show helped ignite a renewed interest in Oseman’s book, catapulting it to the best-selling charts of the New York Times, upping weekly sales by 1700 per cent. 

The first season sees an unlikely friendship blossom into heartfelt romance while featuring accepting parents and insightful conversations. Olivia Colman’s scene, in particular, is a notable moment. 

Moreover, it helps crush inherent heteronormativity and starts meaningful conversations regarding queer love; it is a show everybody must watch to understand the complexities of queer politics. 

The series is produced by British-Australian production company See-Saw Films, which signed a distribution deal with Netflix in 2021 after acquiring rights to the novel in 2019. 

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