Netflix releases teaser trailer for ‘Pain Hustlers’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix releases teaser trailer for 'Pain Hustlers'

Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for the upcoming film Pain Hustlers, starring Emily Blunt and Chris Evans. Directed by David Yates, the movie promises to be a rollercoaster blending elements reminiscent of The Big Short, American Hustle, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

In Pain Hustlers, Blunt takes on the role of Liza Drake, a hardworking single mother who finds herself on the brink of financial ruin after losing her job. Fate takes a turn when she crosses paths with pharmaceutical sales representative Pete Brenner, played by Evans. While their newfound partnership offers Liza financial stability, it thrusts her into a morally ambiguous world of criminal racketeering.

As Liza navigates her increasingly chaotic life, she faces challenges on multiple fronts. Her unstable boss, portrayed by Andy Garcia, adds to her troubles, while the deteriorating health of her daughter, played by Chloe Coleman, becomes a constant source of concern. Moreover, Liza begins to grasp the extent of the devastation caused by the pharmaceutical company’s actions, leading her to question her own choices.

The teaser trailer offers viewers a glimpse into Liza and Pete’s high-rolling, party-filled lifestyle, with warning title cards highlighting the side effects of their actions, such as increased energy, elevated mood, ecstasy, paranoia, aggression, and greed.

The star-studded cast also includes Catherine O’Hara, Jay Duplass, Brian d’Arcy James, Amit Shah, Aubrey Dollar, Willie Raysor, and Andy Garcia.

Netflix acquired global rights to Pain Hustlers for a hefty $50million during the Cannes Film Festival. It is also going to play at the Toronto International Film Fest this year.

Pain Hustlers is slated to start streaming on Netflix on October 27th.