Netflix releases first trailer for erotic thriller ‘Fair Play’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix releases first trailer for erotic thriller 'Fair Play'

Netflix has finally unveiled the first trailer for the highly anticipated erotic thriller Fair Play. This film raised eyebrows and triggered a fierce bidding war at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. 

Securing the rights for a whopping $20million, Netflix’s acquisition of this sizzling feature is one of the most significant deals of the festival season.

The movie stars none other than Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor and the talented Alden Ehrenreich, known for his latest work in Oppenheimer.

Directed by Chloe Domont, making her impressive debut as a feature film director after contributing to acclaimed TV series like Ballers and Billions, Fair Play delves into the intricate power dynamics of a fervently ambitious couple within a ruthless financial firm.

As Emily (Dynevor) and Luke (Ehrenreich) grapple for a coveted promotion, their once harmonious relationship devolves into a darker, more ominous territory. The film probes the depths of their evolving connection and the unsettling repercussions of insatiable ambition.

Hailed for its sharp commentary on the post-#MeToo landscape, Fair Play has garnered enthusiastic reviews from several critics.

Audiences can catch the film’s theatrical release in select locations from September 29th, followed by its streaming premiere on Netflix on October 13th, 2023.