Creator reveals the Taylor Swift song for each ‘Bridgerton’ couple
(Credit: Netflix)


Creator reveals the Taylor Swift song for each 'Bridgerton' couple

Bridgerton has always used instrumental versions of catchy pop tunes along with modern renditions of classical gems, and each song always hints at where the story is heading.

Fans love that Taylor Swift has been a big part of the show’s musical lore. After all, the Duke and Daphne’s honeymoon score was set to Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’, the Duomo version of which went viral during the lockdown years.

Composer and pianist Kris Bowers is responsible for scoring Bridgerton, the series based on Julia Quinn’s popular book series, and has even earned a Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. But even series creator Chris Van Dusen likes to jam to particular songs while writing the show to get into the mood of things.

Recently he shared on his Instagram story that he has particular Swift tunes that he believes are the anthem for the three lead couples we have so far—Daphne and Simon (season one), Kate and Anthony (season two), and Penelope and Colin (season three).

Dusen wrote about how he had three particular Taylor Swift songs playing on loop when he was writing Bridgerton, “Had these songs playing on a loop when I was writing Bridgerton,” Dusen continued, “In my mind every couple has always had their own TS theme/anthem/era: Daphne & Simon Wildest Dreams; Kate & Anthony – Enchanted; Pen & Colin – Dress.” He also added the hashtags “#IYKYK #endlessinspo #swiftieforlife”

Now that we have more confirmation that Dusen is a Swiftie, maybe people can dive right into the lyrics of ‘Dress’ to find clues about that steamy scene Polin shippers are dying to watch in season three. 

We will leave you with just this one line from ‘Dress’ to swoon over till season three arrive: “Only bought this dress so you could take it off. Take it off.”