Five of the steamiest sex scenes from the ‘Bridgerton’ universe
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Five of the steamiest sex scenes from the 'Bridgerton' universe

For an entire generation who had their sexual awakening watching Joe Wright’s period dramas Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, Bridgerton was a natural draw during lockdown. We were all touch starved and reminiscing about the ‘good ol days’, which may not have been so good after all. In short, Bridgerton struck gold when it debuted on Netflix in December 2020 because we were needy and nostalgic.

However, three years later, Bridgerton has still kept the momentum going. People don’t watch it for the history but the chemistry. It is a Regency-era bodice-ripper with some of the hottest explorations of lust on TV, framed in aesthetic period mise-en-scène. It goes far beyond longing glances caught between almost lovers, pent-up tension, and stolen touches—not that Matthew Macfadyen’s Darcy flexing his hand after helping Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth up a carriage doesn’t still make us swoon and want to collapse on fainting couches!

However, contrary to most period fare, the characters we get to see experimenting and living out their sexual fantasies within the rigid confines of the Bridgerton times happen to be of all colours, genders, sexuality, and age. In addition to Shonda Rhimes (Executive producers), Chris Van Dusen (Bridgerton creator), and Tom Verica (Queen Charlotte director), we also have to thank intimacy coordinators Lucy Fennell and Lizzie Talbot for making Bridgerton-verse what it is today.

While fans look forward to Penelope and Colin’s friends-to-lovers journey in the third season of Bridgerton, some of us are also keen on seeing how the Bridgerton family matriarch, Violet, boldly goes out to ‘tend to her garden’. The stage has been set for Violet to “spread her legs and fly away”, as the acerbic Marxist intellectual Emile Calvet of Mad Men might say.

As we wait for the new season, here’s looking back at some of the steamiest scenes from Bridgerton seasons one and two, as well as Queen Charlotte, in no particular order.

Five steamiest sex scenes in the Bridgerton universe:

Charlotte and George – Queen Charlotte, Episode 3

The first season of Bridgerton dragged with too many men dripping with severely toxic masculinity, ploughing all they see in front of them, while most of the noble women exude virginal vibes. Things improved in season two but took a real upswing in Queen Charlotte. Historical figures boinking uglies is not uncommon on films and TV but seldom do we see the women taking charge. There are plenty of moments of hot, unbridled lovemaking between a young Queen Charlotte and King George, but the one in the bathtub takes the cake. Their lust for each other was so intense that they couldn’t even wait to remove all their clothes!

The other scene in their montage of sex segues that comes close to this one is the dinner table session. Brimsley and Reynolds, their respective footmen, have to usher out the rest of the staff and close the door on Charlotte and George as they get down to ripping royal regalia off each other while smashing all that fancy china.

Benedict’s threesome – Season one, Episode five

Benedict Bridgerton attends a salon soirée hosted by fellow artist Sir Henry Granville. In this den of inequities, Benedict accidentally stumbles upon Granville and Lord Wetherby in an intimate moment. While this doesn’t prompt him to explore any latent homosexuality, our dear Benny does not judge. Instead, he joins in on a threesome session in the hallway with Madame Delacroix and a friend. 

Benedict may be a character coded in bisexuality, but we are yet to see him indulge in any non-heterosexual naughtiness. His Cinderella story could become the playground for more boundary-pushing explorations of love and desire. He may belong to the nobility, but he is the second son. He is not burdened with having to procreate to carry on with the family name. Benedict can very well accept an offer from a gentleman, fall in swoon-worthy queer love, and escape to some far-away family estate to live happily ever after.

Of course, the clandestine nature of all queer relationships presented in Bridgerton-verse is not ideal, but it is a way to honour historical queer romances that very much existed in reality.

Brimsley and Reynolds – Queen Charlotte, Episode 6

Queen Charlotte has a thing for sensual, candle-lit bathtub scenes of the spicy kind. Charlotte and George do it, as do the other two lovers most prominently featured in this story.

The two footmen, Brimsley and Reynolds, share an intimate moment in a bathtub. They know their destinies are linked to the royal couple’s relationship; if the king and queen can thrive, they too can spend a lifetime together. Or so they hope. They share a tender kiss in the bath, possibly right after being intimate. This scene may be more poignant than sexy, unlike most of their bedroom scenes, but it is potent and steamy nonetheless.

Daphne’s solo session – Season one, Episode three

In season one, Daphne finds herself curious about what happens during intimate moments beyond kissing and seeks the Duke’s help. Simon responds cryptically, advising her to explore herself and continue if it feels pleasurable. Encouraged by the Duke, Daphne indulges in a solo session at night, her mind wandering through memories of Simon’s grazes against her body.

The scene transitions to a close-up of her satisfied expression, followed by her playing the piano with a sly smile. While this moment might have been more realistic or even perhaps more feminist if the “instructions” to masturbate successfully came from a female friend, which Daphne seems to have none of, it is still a hot situation overall—being told by the man you are loony about how to orgasm and get familiar with your body.

Anthony and Kate – Season 2, Episode 8

Eldest Bridgerton son Anthony has been shirtless and pantless several times. Indeed, it was Anthony’s butt we see in full display barely fifteen minutes into Bridgerton.

The second season of Bridgerton is full of tense and tender moments between former sexist a-hole Anthony and bonafide horse girl Kate. They have plenty of steamy makeout moments loaded with will-they, won’t-they tension. The gazebo sex session, replete with instants of man-on-woman oral pleasure, is when they finally let go, but the more steamy scene of them together is towards the end of episode eight. The Viscount and Viscountess are totally nude, just finished one round (of lord only knows how many); their banter is ever-alive, not dampened by the resolution of their central conflict. And they are raring to go for more.

Something tells us that their hunger for each other won’t be dampened even after their honeymoon period is over. Some couples are just lucky that way!