Netflix dropped new ‘Bridgerton’ season three pics with plenty of clues
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix dropped new ‘Bridgerton’ season three pics with plenty of clues

Netflix has finally dropped new photos from Bridgerton season three, and Polin (Penelope+Colin) fans, in particular, are over the moon even though they were expecting more.

While Colin Bridgerton seems to have come of age from where we left off in season two, Penelope Featherington has had a breathtaking glow up too. In the books, Penelope takes charge of her life more after her mother finally gives up on her for not being ‘marriageable’ enough for the ton. She gets to make her own choices after her mother deems her an old maid at 28. These choices are reflected in Penelope’s clothing, hair and makeup in the promo stills, which have fans gushing. Gone are her frumpy dresses, tight curls, and chalky cheeks. Our girl is glowing. 

Lizzy Talbot, the intimacy coordinator for Bridgerton also shared one of the released stills on her Instagram stories with the hashtag “#itsalwaysthequietones”, cluing us into what to expect from this season of Netflix’s Regency-era bodice-ripper romance. We also have our own theories from Easter eggs hidden in the previous seasons.

Netflix officially renewed Bridgerton for a third and fourth season ahead of the second season’s premiere date announcement, surprising fans in a move that is quite rare for the platform. Filming for season three began in July 2022, and reports suggest that it has now wrapped up. Cast members, including Nicola Coughlan, have shared celebratory photos, further fueling excitement among fans.

Given the show’s popularity, there is expected to be a substantial amount of post-production work and promotion before the third season’s release.

Netflix recently released the spinoff series Queen Charlotte in May 2023, making it further unlikely for them to release two Bridgerton stories in close proximity. It is also uncertain if the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike will impact the post-production process.

Allegedly, the official Instagram account of Netflix Portugal accidentally announced the release date for season three to be December 14th, 2023, but it was later taken down. There has yet to be an official confirmation. Since season one was released around Christmas, and Queen Charlotte had a special Christmas connect too, speculations are understandably rife that season three would also coincide with the end-of-the-year festive time.