Netflix pulls the plug on Halle Berry’s ‘The Mothership’
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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Netflix pulls the plug on Halle Berry's 'The Mothership'

It’s been reported that despite being close to wrapping up production, Netflix has pulled the plug on the Halle Berry starring film The Mothership.

Netflix is no longer moving forward with production after being faced with extensive reshoots and opted to cancel the sci-fi film’s release to curb unnecessary spending.

The Mothership was set to star Berry as part of a multi-picture deal between herself and the streamer.

She was going to play a mother, whose husband one day vanished from their farm. A year later, she and her children discover an extraterrestrial object under their house and set out on a mission to see if it’s connected to the disappearance of the father.

When talking about the project in 2022, Berry was enthusiastic, saying: “It’s pretty impressive to find a spaceship buried in your backyard, you know? And what that would look like, and what that would mean for you as a family, you know if you found such a thing. So, I’m excited for that one.”

The Mothership was set to follow on from her directorial debut Bruised, with Berry starring and executive producing the canned film.

One of the film’s biggest complications was it’s been in the works since 2021, and the child actors involved were unavoidably ageing as reshoots rolled around.