Netflix is planning to make a big triple-A PC game
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Netflix is planning to make a big triple-A PC game

You may not have even known it, but Netflix also offers a gaming platform alongside its TV and movie offerings, with the streaming service lining up a “brand-new AAA PC game”. 

The somewhat surprising announcement from Netflix’s new in-house game teams came through, which found a job listing for a director in Los Angeles who was required to lead a “brand-new AAA PC game”. A ‘triple A’ title in the world of video games indicates a property with a high-budget and high-profile, equivalent to a movie blockbuster, so it’s clear that Netflix isn’t just planning a new mobile release. 

Little else is known about this mystery AAA project, aside from the fact that the listing states they are looking for someone with “experience with FPS and/or third-person shooter games” and “extensive experience working on live service games”.

Continuing, the listing states the successful candidate “will be able to create, ship and run a game without any competing design constraints due to monetization”. They are also looking for someone with experience working with Unreal Engine, as well as an individual with “at least 10 years of game design experience”.

With few subscribers taking advantage of Netflix’s mobile gaming platform, the streaming service turned video games company will have to come out of the gates firing if they want to reach new audiences. 

Take a look at the clip below to gain insight into Netflix’s video game platform.