Indie game ‘Spiritfarer’ coming to Netflix’s gaming platform
(Credit: Souvik Bajeree)

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Indie game 'Spiritfarer' coming to Netflix’s gaming platform

You would be forgiven for not even realising that you can play games on your Netflix phone app, with the feature only being fairly recently implemented and popularised. 

But Netflix doesn’t just put out any old game, with Spiritfarer, one of the best games of 2020, coming to the streaming platform’s gaming service. Developed by the indie studio, Thunder Lotus Games, the sandbox game sees players take the role of Stella, a guide holding the hand of the deceased as they make their way through the afterlife. With player choice a-plenty, gamers can pick up new passengers, fulfill several side-quests and upgrade their items.

Described as “a cozy management game about dying,” by the developers, the game is coming soon to the app. The gaming side of the Netflix platform is criminally underused by subscribers, with an analytics firm last month stating that only 1% of Netflix subscribers play the games that they pay for as part of their subscription. 

Leading from the forefront of the industry, Netflix has been bridging the gap between video games and visual entertainment for quite some time, releasing the gaming platform in 2021, with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in 2018 being the spark beneath the company’s ambitions. Helmed by David Slade and written by Charlie Brooker, the show was a mix of viewer choice and traditional television media, being a choose-your-own-adventure in visual form. 

Four years later and Netflix has developed a legitimate gaming platform where indie games thrive and flourish. 

Take a look at the trailer for the brand new game Spiritfarer, coming soon to Netflix.