Netflix releases new guidelines to prevent password sharing
(Credit: Cameron Venti)


Netflix releases new guidelines to prevent password sharing

Netflix has revealed its plans to crack down on password sharing between household members outside an account owner’s central location. The site has given details on its goal of preventing account sharing with information varying between countries. 

gHacks have reported the platform’s plan, which will involve heavy moderation of the devices used to log into accounts. The US and UK FAQ pages address that devices may need verification if the primary Netflix household is not connected to it or if an attempt to enter the account outside the subscriber’s primary location is made for an extended time. 

The Costa Rican Help Center states devices must connect to the Wi-Fi at the primary location and watch something on Netflix “at least once every 31 days.” This guideline shows that FAQ pages for the countries Netflix is experimenting with extra membership fees have bent the rules. 

Using IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity, the company Netflix may block a device if it is deemed outside the household. If a primary account owner travels between locations, they must request a verification code to access Netflix for seven days or update their location. 

To share a Netflix account with someone who does not live with them, a user has to add an extra member to their account. They can transfer a profile from an existing account and keep personalised data. 

These new guidelines are expected to be entirely situated by March 31st and hope to convert ‘borrowing’ users using paid subscribers’ accounts. The site will introduce account-sharing restrictions alongside extra fees in other countries. 

However, these new rules are so far having a negative reaction, with several users taking to Twitter to express their distaste for the change. In addition, an old tweet posted by Netflix is mocked for its newfound irony, stating, “Love is sharing a password.”