Netflix might lose out thousands of UK subscribers to Disney+
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Leaving Soon

Netflix might lose out thousands of UK subscribers to Disney+

Following Disney+ taking control over a number of popular fan-favourites, dark times are probably near for Netflix as the streaming giant could lose around 750,000 subscribers in the UK.

Recently, Netflix lost five crucial titles, including Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, New Girl and Sons of Anarchy. In a few weeks, it will also be losing the streaming rights to Homeland

All these titles have now found a home in Disney+. This could, according to research firm Digital i, lead to a gross annual loss of £90m for Netflix UK & Ireland as they would fall short of nearly 750,000 subscribers who would then move to Disney+ to stream their favourites. 

The firm has confirmed that “these six titles, five of which have already left Netflix, was significant in the UK”. Thus, subscribers might “question their Netflix subscription” before moving over to Disney+ to view their favourite shows. 

Even in Europe, according to the firm’s extensive research, Modern Family was a household favourite. The removal could subsequently see 270,000 subscribers deciding to opt for Disney+.

Recently, Netflix reached its peak and forecast the lowest number of new subscribers since 2010. However, Netflix still remains the most popular streaming service in the UK as per recent data, ahead of Amazon prime, Disney+ etc.

Recently, they have increased subscription prices in the United States and Canada to keep up with the insane competition; however, Netflix India has lowered prices substantially to attract new subscribers.