5 things we learned from binge-watching ‘Sons of Anarchy’
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5 things we learned from binge-watching 'Sons of Anarchy’

Despite ending with that finale nearly eight years ago, Sons of Anarchy still have loyal fans, and often tugs on heartstrings nearly a decade later. Focusing on a gang of bikers, the series featured a rough and rugged set of roles for some of TV’s finest actors including Ron Perlman, Katy Sagal and the rising star of Charlie Hunnam.

Every episode had viewers excited for the next, and more often than not, was packed with shocking deaths, constant drama, and cliffhangers that still to this day make you sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation. Viewers had been hooked since the show began back in 2008, and pretty much felt that they had lost a part of them when it ended in 2014.  

When you watch it for the first time, you don’t always notice everything initially. There are certain plot points that can be missed in the heart of everything, and so here are five things you will learn from binge-watching Sons of Anarchy.

The show is sadly set to leave Netflix in January 2022, so if you ever need a reminder to watch the show before its gone, let us help you out below.

5 things we learned from binge-watching ‘Sons of Anarchy’

The homeless woman was Jesus  

When watching the show, we frequently saw a strange, homeless-looking woman who appeared in crucial scenes. Her true identity was always hidden, and it began a campaign of theories from fans. Was she just another homeless woman? Was she the mother of a murdered little girl? Was she the reaper?

The strange woman was revealed to be Emily Putner, the mother of Brooke Putner, who was accidentally killed in John Teller’s truck accident in 1993. The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has since revealed that she is Jesus appearing in the form of Emily. We are further teased when Jax visits a house to speak with Brooke’s dad, and there is a picture of Emily on the table.

When talking in a Q&A session on Instagram, Sutter said she’s the “magic that anarchy summons and the mortality it extinguishes” and “the bringer of eternal light and the harbinger of all things dark”. It does make sense, as we often see her being Jax’ guardian throughout the show.  

Tara was the ‘moral centre’ in the show 

Tara Knowles: doctor at St. Thomas Hospital in fictional town Charming. Why would she want anything to do with a motorcycle club? She had a medical degree and was clearly on a successful path with her career.

Ultimately, she was just conflicted with love and the violence that the motorcycle club caused. Maggie Siff, who portrays Tara in the show, told Entertainment Weekly, “You could see her loving these people in spite of herself, in spite of knowing better. I think she remained a moral centre in that she continues to be one of the only in the world who experiences real emotional conflict around the violence and the difficulty and the pain of the life and wanting something better for her children.”

Siff went on to describe her character as a window for the audience to look through to see the life of the club.  

John didn’t kill himself  

Progressively throughout the show, we learn the horrific truth about the actuality of John’s death. It’s often said John Teller killed himself after learning about Clay’s betrayal of his wife.

Further in the show, the truth is unfolded, and the audience learns, along with Jax, what actually happened to his father. Teller didn’t kill himself. He was instead murdered by his then-best friend, Clay. He manipulated Teller’s mechanic, Lowell Sr., to tamper with his bike, which in turn, caused the accident he subsequently died in.  

Otto was the most loyal member

There’s no argument that Otto Delaney was the most loyal member of the Sons. Essentially acting as an informant for the Sons in prison, Delaney put himself through hell to ensure the prosperity of the club. He murdered Ivo Alexei as revenge for his attack on Jax, bit off his own tongue so he wouldn’t be interrogated, and murdered Lee Toric – all to protect the club.

His initial six-year sentence progressed to a life sentence and then ultimately death for his actions in prison. There is no other member, other than perhaps Bobby, whose loyalty compares to that of Otto’s. Delaney did all this knowing that a member slept with his wife, too, so his loyalty cannot go undisputed.  

Unser’s sad life was overlooked 

Although not often a fan favourite, it’s undeniable that Chief Unser had such a sad life. First and foremost, he gets a cancer diagnosis, his wife leaves him as a result, he caused Tara’s death, and he dies at the hands of someone he’s known since they were born.

It’s easy to overlook Unser’s life considering all the death and pain we see that other characters have, particularly Tig Trager. Granted he wasn’t favoured by all, but there’s still a common feeling of sympathy that is felt by all that witness the misfortunate life that Unser lived.