Netflix mercilessly lays off TUDUM writers just a few months in
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Netflix mercilessly lays off TUDUM writers just a few months in

During the pandemic, when hundreds of writers and journalists lost their jobs, Netflix came to some as a harbinger of good news and fortune as they recruited them for a much higher wage to write for their fansite blog named TUDUM. 

However, just a few months in, due to low revenue, the streamer has mercilessly laid off multiple employees at the editorial wing that was working tirelessly to boost interest in Netflix Original content. 

In December 2021, months after its global fan event TUDUM, Netflix introduced a new website of the same name that would feature the latest news about release dates, renewals and other news regarding Original films and shows. It would also contain interviews with the ones involved in the filmmaking process. The site included blogs about shows like Old Enough, Inventing Anna and more. 

TUDUM was indeed an ambitious venture for Netflix where the journalists and writers were paid significantly better compared to other media journalists. 

However, the venture was not very successful and had been an utter disaster in the first quarter. Netflix has recently lost a massive number of subscribers due to a lack of good content, a hike in subscription prices and other issues. Given its financial predicament, the streamer decided to lay off large chunks of its employee base. 

Several ex-TUDUM writers have voiced their protest against the platform’s ruthless policies, talking about how the streamer approached them with a promise of a better and stable lifestyle and “more-than-livable wage”. 

TUDUM’s About page says, “We’re just getting started. Join us on this journey as we continue to make Tudum better and better for you. Come on in!”

Ironically, the journalists are in a big soup currently, hankering for jobs on Twitter, their disdain and desperation adding yet another speck of bad reputation to Netflix and its company operations.