Netflix is developing ‘Virgin River’ spinoff
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Netflix is developing 'Virgin River' spinoff

It has been confirmed that Netflix is developing a Virgin River spinoff to explore the story of Mel’s parentage further.

The news comes as the streaming giant is working on the hotly-anticipated sixth season of the romantic drama, with the coming ten episodes confirmed in May 2023 before the fifth instalment had even arrived on the site. The upcoming outing starts production in Vancouver this week following delays from the labour strikes. 

Virgin River follows protagonist Mel Monroe, who answers an advert to work as a midwife and nurse in the titular Northern California town. While it appears to be the perfect getaway to start a new life, things quickly become just as complex in the small country region.

In the most recent season of Virgin River, it was revealed that a man named Everett from the town is Mel’s biological father. EW has now confirmed that younger actors will be cast to play and Mel’s late mother, Sarah, in flashbacks in season six. These same actors will then feature in a spinoff season about their origins. Presently, the spinoff is still untitled and is being written by showrunner Patrick Sean Smith.

He also told the publication of Everett’s involvement in season six: “He will definitely play a good sized part in Mel’s storyline.” Other arcs to be continued in the new outing include Charmaine’s baby, Lizzie being pregnant, Cameron and Muriel’s dilemma and the discovery of Wes’s body. Of course, though, everyone wants to get to the bottom of Mel’s parentage, which seems like it will happen. 

This approach from Netflix is similar to how they expanded the Bridgerton universe with the Queen Charlotte spinoff, which starred India Amarteifio as a younger version of the title character. 

Watch the trailer for Virgin River season five part one below.