Netflix honours 1974 films with milestone movie collection
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix honours 1974 films with milestone movie collection

Netflix is celebrating films hitting their 50th anniversary with a special milestone movie collection.

This assortment will kick off with iconic films reaching the 50-year mark in 2024, featuring several timeless classics from that era.

Furthermore, Netflix has organised live screenings of these beloved movies at prominent venues such as New York’s Paris Theater, LA’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, and Bay Theatre in Pacific Palisades, starting in March.

The 1974 collection will include: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Black Belt Jones, Blazing Saddles, California Split, Chinatown, The Conversation, Death Wish The Gambler, The Great Gatsby, It’s Alive, The Little Prince, The Lords of Flatbush, The Parallax View, and The Street Fighter.

Netflix plans to unveil another special collection for the 1984 movie milestones beginning in April, while July will celebrate those released in 1994, and October will commemorate those released in 2004.

Recently, Netflix has faced criticism for its prioritisation of contemporary and original content, like Leave The World Behind. This has lead to a gap in older, classic Hollywood movies, particularly those released before 1980.

The new milestone collection will highlight forgotten classics while celebrating some of cinema’s most significant moments.

1984, in particular is hailed as one of the best years for cinema, with films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomThe TerminatorGremlinsGhostbustersand more.