Netflix has acquired game developer Spry Fox
(Credit: Sayan Ghosh)

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Netflix has acquired game developer Spry Fox

Netflix has steadily been acquiring a number of significant indie game developers in a move to establish itself further in the competitive world of gaming, with Spry Fox being their sixth in-house gaming studio.

The indie developers behind such favourites as Cozy Grove and Alphabear are the latest to be acquired by the popular streaming service, with the company joining other studios such as Next Games, Boss Fight Entertainment and Night School under the Netflix umbrella. The streaming service provides a gaming platform that few users are aware of, despite them paying for the built-out feature. 

With thanks to the acquisition, “we can stop stressing about how our games generate profit on our games and instead focus exclusively on making them as enjoyable and fulfilling to our players as possible,” co-founder and CEO David Edery stated in an entry on Spry Fox’s blog. Calming fans, Edery added that all of the studio’s games were still available for download “in their current forms on their current platforms”. 

Launching the gaming platform almost a year ago, Netflix has allowed subscribers to play a number of classic gaming titles, including Stranger Things: 1984, Heads Up! and Exploding Kittens, with over 55 other games currently in development. 

Founded in 2010 by David Edery and Daniel Cook, Spry Fox is a video game development company headquartered in Seattle, United States. 

Take a look at a preview trailer for all the new games coming to Netflix very soon.