Netflix confirms ‘Top Boy’ season 4 premiere date
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Netflix confirms ‘Top Boy’ season 4 premiere date

After a really long wait, Netflix has finally confirmed the premiere date for the fourth season of Top Boy. created by Ronan Bennett, this 2011 series, which was first broadcast on Channel 4, has gained immense popularity with the Netflix audience. 

With Ashley Walters as Dushane Hill and Kane Robinson as Gerald Sullivan in the lead, this crime drama series aired its third season in 2019 and fans have been waiting ever since for another riveting ten-episode run. 

Based in the streets of London, this honest and thought-provoking show ended on a cliffhanger in the third season where the mysterious gunshot put Dris’ fate on the line while the rookies actually turned out to be police officers. 

Looks like fans will not have to wait for long to see what season four has in store for Netflix UK & Ireland took to Twitter to announce the official date with an accompanying video and message. Top Boy season four will thus make a return on Friday, March 18th, 2022. 

The Canadian rapper Drake, who actually resuscitated the show after it was cancelled and gave Bennett and his crew more creative control, has always updated fans regarding the production status. Naturally, fans are excited to see if Drake will appear in a possible cameo. 

Since the show does not shy away from portraying the grim realities of life, Walters had emphasised how the show gives a “raw, real representation of the street culture” and helps gain an insight into the reasons behind the various choices made by the characters. 

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