Netflix cancels four original series, including ‘The Crew’
(Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

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Netflix cancels four original series, including 'The Crew'

Netflix is continuing to cut down their properties, announcing the cancellation of four original series alongside the recent cancellation of Grand Army earlier this year.

Building a notorious reputation for cutting their series short, Netflix has revealed that Kevin James’ The Crew, Katharine McPhee’s Country Comfort alongside, Mr. Iglesias, and Bonding, have each been cut.

Although it may all seem doom and gloom, most of the stars involved in the aforementioned shows are involved with ongoing deals with the streaming platform, Kevin James for example is set to begin work on a single-camera comedy he will produce and star in. The other unfortunate victims of Netflix’s cut also have upcoming opportunities, with Gabriel Iglesias shooting a third in his series of stand-up specials and Bonding creator Rightor Doyle has signed a development deal with the company. 

It seems as though the projects that were cut by Netflix were those with an inextricable tie to U.S audiences, so perhaps the streaming service is looking to save money by making more universal content. The Crew, for example, took on the look, feel and vibe of a traditional ’90s sitcom, fit with a laugh-track, following the life of Kevin James and his NASCAR racing crew as they worked in their shared garage. 

Country Comfort, created by Caryn Lucas, was a similar affair, following Bailey (McPhee), a country singer who accepts a job as a nanny after getting kicked out of her up-and-coming band, a show that has seen cancellation after premiering only four months ago. 

On the other hand, released in April 2019, Bonding was an altogether more raunchy and ambitious project, centred on Tiffany (Zoe Levin), a psychology student who makes money as a dominatrix on the side. Enlisting the help of hay best friend Pete Devin (Brendan Scannell), the show followed the characters life as she balanced school and her secretive work.