Netflix cancel Katherine Ryan show ‘The Duchess’
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix cancel Katherine Ryan show 'The Duchess'

Katherine Ryan’s sit-com, The Duchess, has been cancelled by Netflix after just one series.

The series premiered last September but will not be returning to our screens anytime soon. Ryan played a single mother in London, torn between what she wants to do next with her life and whether she should have another child. She just needed to find the right father for her unborn child first.

Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To… podcast, the comedian said the streaming service “didn’t want to make any more. Not enough people watched it. I think something like 10 million people watched it in 28 days, and that wasn’t enough.”

Ryan has just announced a lengthy stand-up tour of theatres across Britain for later in the year and admitted that she’s “not terribly sad” about the show not returning. She continued: “I feel like it’s a whole lot of work [and] a whole lot of time to make a sitcom. It’s really collaborative.

“And I was so grateful to be able to make it, but I think it speaks for itself. I kind of like the way it ended… I think it’s fine, for me, if it sits on the platform, almost like a film. I’m really chill with things. I don’t want to seem too happy about it, but I’m glad.”