Netflix begins ‘Stranger Things’ mobile game testing in Poland
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Netflix begins 'Stranger Things' mobile game testing in Poland

Netflix had promised to foray into the world of gaming and kept its word by doing so and adding mobile games to its streaming services. Although the test is up for a run only in Poland, fans are still excited to see what the streamer has to offer with their first batch of games and their first and historic step into the realm of gaming. 

Reports of their alleged plans to venture into the world of video games have been plaguing rumour mills since May, and the company confirmed the interest in the same in July by talking about how they were still in the “early stages of further expanding into games”, developing their base and taking in gaming as the brand “new content category” for them. 

They also added that they would initially be focusing only on mobile gaming, and the titles would be a part of Netflix’s subscription services from 2022 onwards, accessible to its subscribers for free. 

Viewers in Poland are quite lucky as Netflix has officially debuted its hand at gaming by adding certain mobile game titles to the entertainment library in Poland to experiment with their Poland-only test.

The games that are available are Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3

In their Netflix Geeked Twitter account, the company mentioned how “this is the first step”, and they still have “a lot of work to do in the months ahead” to better and speed up their development procedure. 

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See Netflix Geeked’s tweet below: