Netflix announces ‘Grace and Frankie’ final episodes date
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix announces ‘Grace and Frankie’ final episodes date

One of Netflix’s most endearing sitcoms, Grace and Frankie abounds in fun, humour and laughter. After airing the four episodes of the seventh and final season, the show had kept audience members hanging regarding the release of the final 12 episodes. 

However, Netflix has finally taken to Twitter to announce the release date for the 12 final episodes that will bring a bittersweet ending to this beloved sitcom. Scheduled for April 29th, 2022 premiere, the Tweet read, “The sun’s about to set. We’re just getting lit.”

Starring the iconic duo of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the show revolves around a pair of two older women with polar opposite personalities and vastly different lives. They are forced to befriend each other after their lives get entwined by their husbands’ falling and love and marrying, leading to the beginning of an unlikely companionship for the duo. 

The show, created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, which has a very distinct and positive feel to it, shows the challenges and beauty of ageing. Despite dealing with the older generation, it has struck a chord with millennials and Gen Z worldwide, who are absolutely in love with the purity and warmth exuded by the characters.

The final season of the show commenced production pretty late after initial hiccups in form of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fonda even too to her blog to say, “Frankly, I’ve been worrying about the possibility that in the 15 months since we were last filming Grace and Frankie I may have lost the ability to act. My main activity during those 15 months was hosting Fire Drill Fridays and interviewing climate experts and that’s really different than acting.”

While the series is coming to an end, Tomlin and Fonda are set to create a film called Moving On where they will be seen as two women seeking ultimate revenge against a widower who has incurred their wrath. 

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