Netflix announces 2023 collection of Korean movies
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Netflix announces 2023 collection of Korean movies

Netflix has announced its upcoming slate of Korean dramas set to hit the streaming service in 2023. 

Among the titles announced, Netflix teased the release of the highly-anticipated drama Gyeongseong Creature, which was first teased all the way back in mid-2021. The monster series will premiere in late 2023 and will follow a pair of friends teaming against a sinister creature born in post-war Korea in 1945, starring the likes of Nevertheless’ Han So-hee and Itaewon Class’ Park Seo-joon.

In addition, the dystopian sci-fi series Black Knight will also arrive halfway through the year, with the series starring Kim Woo-bin as a delivery driver who becomes responsible for the last remaining members of the Korean Peninsula after toxic air pollution threatens all life. 

Joining these long-anticipated releases is the rom-com Love to Hate You, part 2 of Song Hye-kyo’s series The Glory, the second season of Sweet Home and the time travel romance A Time Called You. 

Netflix is investing more time and money into the Asian film and TV market, having recently made a deal with Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda for a collection of future collaborations. “Netflix and I are teaming up to create a drama series and a big-budget movie that is different from my previous works,” the director stated in November 2021, adding, “You still need to wait for a bit before they’re finished and delivered to you”.

Take a look at a preview of all the upcoming Korean titles coming to Netflix, below.