‘Shoplifters’ director Hirokazu Koreeda signs deal with Netflix
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'Shoplifters' director Hirokazu Koreeda signs deal with Netflix

As one of the finest filmmakers of contemporary cinema, Hirokazu Koreeda has made such modern classics as After Life, Like Father, Like Son and the Palme d’Or winning Shoplifters. Now, it appears as though the acclaimed filmmaker is headed to the streaming service Netflix to develop multiple projects including a feature film and a TV series. 

As first reported by Variety, the director will develop a big-budget film and act as the creator and showrunner of a separate series. The new acquisition goes in line with Netflix’s efforts to expand its live-action Japanese content which is proving crucial to the success of the streaming service in local markets. 

Giving away mere morsels of information regarding his new projects, Koreeda addressed the Netflix Japan Festival 2021 showcase on Wednesday to discuss his new deal. “Netflix and I are teaming up to create a drama series and a big-budget movie that is different from my previous works,” the director commented, adding, “You still need to wait for a bit before they’re finished and delivered to you. I incorporate different elements from those in theatre movies and try to create exciting works. Please look forward to them”. 

Sounding as if the new projects will veer away from the director’s usual focus on low-key dramas looking into relationships and the family dynamic, Koreeda explained, “Probably, the scale of the new movie will be different from the movies I’ve made before. Also, the drama series would not be realized if I didn’t collaborate with Netflix”. 

Discussing the nature of how he would control the series for Netflix, he also stated that he isn’t “the only director working on the drama right now”, before explaining, “I’m responsible for the chief direction as the showrunner, and [will] direct several episodes myself. But this time I try to incorporate young directors and work with them. This is also a big appeal for me to work on this project”.

Whilst we wait for more information, check out the trailer for Hirokazu Koreeda’s classic Shoplifters below.