Netflix announce ‘Human Resources’ season two release date
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix announce ‘Human Resources’ season two release date

As Big Mouth announces its departure from Netflix following a gruelling eight seasons of puberty, the second instalment of Human Resources, the show’s spin-off, has been confirmed.

The show stars many of the same characters made famous in Big Mouth, namely Maury the Hormone Monster and Connie the Hormone Monster, played by Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph, respectively, and will premiere its second series on June 9th.

However, if you were hoping that Human Resources would fill the void left behind by Big Mouth when it departs from the streaming platform, then we have some bad news. The second season of Human Resources will also be the last.

However, come June 9th, audiences can dive headfirst into the weird and wonderful world of Kroll and his cast. The synopsis for the show reads: “The spin-off pulls back the curtain on the daily lives of the creatures – Hormone Monsters, Depression Kitties, Shame Wizards and many more – that help humans journey through every aspect of life from puberty to parenthood to the twilight years. It quickly becomes clear that though the protagonists are creatures, they have a lot of humanity themselves.”

Expect uncomfortable watching in the most brilliant way as the facets of growing up are brought to the fore.