Netflix eyeing book-film adaptation of ‘Palace of the Drowned’
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Netflix eyeing book-film adaptation of ‘Palace of the Drowned’

Netflix might be adding another period thriller to their list of film offerings in the form of Palace of the Drowned, an adaptation of the Christine Mangan novel. Two separate sources have indicated that the feature film, based on the novel by Tangerine writer Christine Mangan, is attached to Netflix. Mangan published Palace of the Drowned in 2021 to rave reviews.

The book has been previously described as “psychological suspense stories awash in atmosphere, drenched in dread, positively soaked through with sinisterness”. It’s thought that the book options were picked up by Netflix a short while after the novel hit the shelves. Now, the streaming giant will be turning Palace of The Drowned into a feature film.

Given the title, the feature seems to stay true to the original book, which begins in 1960s London. We join Francis Croy, who found success with her debut novel and has spent subsequent years trying to live up to her early work. After her new book receives a scathing review, however, she experiences a very public breakdown and decides to spend some time gathering herself in one of the most inspiring cities on earth: Venice.

Shortly after her arrival, a young admirer called Gilly appears, attempting to gain access into Frankie’s pleasantly solitary life. However, something is just a little bit off about the precocious young woman, which causes Frankie to question how much of what Gilly is telling her is the truth. The story’s climax comes after the devastating 1966 Venice floods alter the two women’s lives forever.

It’s rumoured that Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern are attached to the project, the latter of whom is thought to have been cast as Frankie Croy. Kidman, meanwhile, is believed to have been cast as Gilly.