The most popular series on Netflix this week: July 2024
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The most popular series on Netflix this week: July 2024

As we enter July, supposedly a month of fine weather in the middle of summer, there have been a few small shuffles in the top ten rankings on Netflix. Throughout June, Bridgerton returned with a vengeance to ravage the rankings, and it looks like the popular series is there to stay for some time. 

Seven weeks have now passed since the first half of the period drama’s third season arrived on Netflix. The initial episodes injected the show with a resurgence of popularity as friends and family urged one another to catch up with the first and second seasons. Four weeks after the first half of the third season arrived, ensuring the show’s dominance. 

Based on the best-selling novels of Julia Quinn, Bridgerton is produced by Shonda Rhimes’ production company, Shondaland. It debuted on Christmas Day in 2020 and has quickly become a global phenomenon. 

The show is set in Regency-era London and revolves around the powerful Bridgerton family, focusing on the romantic entanglements and societal challenges faced by its members. Each season is designed to follow the romantic adventures of a different Bridgerton sibling. 

In the third season, Penelope decides to give up on her romantic pursuit of Colin. In an attempt to continue her double life as Lady Whistledown, she tries to find a suitable husband. However, according to the synopsis, “lacking in confidence, Penelope’s attempts on the marriage mart fail spectacularly. Meanwhile, Colin has returned from his summer travels with a new look and a serious sense of swagger. But he’s disheartened to realize that Penelope, the one person who always appreciated him as he was, is giving him the cold shoulder.”

The description continues: “Eager to win back her friendship, Colin offers to mentor Penelope in the ways of confidence to help her find a husband this season. But when his lessons start working a little too well, Colin must grapple with whether his feelings for Penelope are truly just friendly. Complicating matters for Penelope is her rift with Eloise, who has found a new friend in a very unlikely place, while Penelope’s growing presence in the ton makes it all the more difficult to keep her Lady Whistledown alter ego a secret.”

As viewers tangle themselves in this dramatic plot, Bridgerton maintains a strong presence in the top ten. Season three is at number one in its seventh week in the top ten, with 52,900,000 hours viewed from a total runtime of eight hours, equating to 6,600,000 views. Meanwhile, seasons two and one are in fifth and sixth position, respectively. 

Elsewhere in the top ten, Supacell season one and Worst Roommate Ever season two enter the top ten for their first week, with the former on 6,400,000 views total and the latter on 5,700,000. 

(Credit: Netflix)

The most popular series on Netflix this week:

  • Bridgerton: Season 3
  • Supacell: Season 1
  • Worst Roommate Ever: Season 2
  • AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Season 1
  • Bridgerton: Season 2
  • Bridgerton: Season 1
  • Your Honor: Season 1
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
  • Sweet Tooth: Season 3
  • Perfect Match: Season 2