‘Money Heist’ fans, get ready for Alex Pina’s new Netflix series
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‘Money Heist’ fans, get ready for Alex Pina's new Netflix series

Money Heist, with its red overalls, Salvador Dali masks, a ragtag team of robbers and classic ‘Bella Ciao’ anthem, has won the hearts of millions of fans globally. Becoming one of the most popular shows on Netflix, this Spanish series, created by Alex Pina, has also helped pique interest in foreign-language content, namely Spanish. 

However, the five-part saga came to an end in December 2021 when fans bade a bittersweet farewell to the characters. Despite this, the series seems to gain traction still.

Although a few spin-off series are in order, the first one is based on Pedro Alonso’s depiction of Berlin, titled Berlin: A New Series, fans are still pretty hungover on the original series. However, Alex Pina will soon be back with a brand new series on the streamer as a part of his multi-show deal with Netflix. 

This new social drama will focus on class differences and other issues during the pandemic and will hit closer home. For the last two years, the world has been reeling under the horrifying consequences of a global pandemic that has ravaged us emotionally, physically and financially. 

The new series will highlight how the Spanish elite seeks shelter in a luxurious underground bunker. The idea, according to Pina, was inspired by a Spanish newspaper expose about wealthy Spaniards buying pandemic-proof shelters to save themselves. 

The idea of this exclusive “underground community” to serve a select section of the society stirred a plot in Pina’s mind who decided to explore the “social, family and romantic relationships, in an underground shelter [into] which they had hastily and exclusively fled.”

While the release date has not yet been announced, fans are excited to see if any of the Money Heist alum might make a return. 

The plot sounds like a prequel series to the Scandinavian drama series, The Rain, where a pair of siblings leave the safety of a bunker to see the horrifying destruction of the world by a deadly virus. 

Watch the five seasons of Money Heist on Netflix now.