Millie Bobby Brown’s controversial pick for the best Sherlock
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Millie Bobby Brown's controversial pick for the best Sherlock

Millie Bobby Brown broke onto the scene with Stranger Things playing the mysterious Eleven, who finds her way out of a lab and right into a den Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed gang of friends.

Apart from Stranger Things, Brown has been featured in the Netflix reboot of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. She starred in two Enola Holmes films as the titular protagonist. Stepping into the shoes of the spirited Enola in the eponymous movie series, Brown charmed many as the younger sister of the famed detective Sherlock. And naturally, she has been asked who is her favourite actor to play Sherlock Holmes on the silver screen.

In an interaction with Vanity Fair, Brown disclosed her favourite portrayal of the iconic Sherlock character. The 19-year-old star made her revelation via an unconventional medium—an engaging lie detector test. In the video, she is shown an image of Benedict Cumberbatch, who has left a mark with his portrayal of the razor-sharp sleuth in the BBC drama series. Brown resolutely nodded in agreement when asked if she deems Henry Cavill (who plays Sherlock on Enola Holmes) a superior Sherlock to Cumberbatch.

Brown maintained her stance, presented with a photograph of Robert Downey Jr., who also played the detective in Guy Ritchie’s movie adaptation. “In my personal opinion, yes [Henry Cavill is a better Sherlock].”

Both Cumberbatch and Downey Jr. have garnered immense recognition for their distinctive takes on Sherlock Holmes. Cumberbatch’s portrayal in the BBC series, alongside Martin Freeman’s John Watson, earned him considerable acclaim and is often considered the superior rendition of all the modern remakes. Cavill’s contribution to the character is fun, but whether he rivals the magnanimous performances of his predecessors remains an open question.

This might seem like a rather bold and controversial statement by Brown, but understandably, she would pick her Enola Holmes co-star over others.

The first instalment of Enola Holmes saw her navigating a complex mystery involving the enigmatic Victorian lord Tewksbury. In the sequel, released in 2022, Enola embarks on a fresh case centred around the vanishing of a match factory worker amid a backdrop of mysterious ailments afflicting the labourers. While Cavill’s portrayal of Sherlock takes on an expanded role in this sequel, Enola is still the hero of her own story.

While Enola Holmes 2 clearly sets up the story for another sequel, nothing has been confirmed by Netflix yet.