Eleven and Enola Holmes: the links between Millie Bobby Brown’s greatest roles
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Eleven and Enola Holmes: the links between Millie Bobby Brown's greatest roles

Millie Bobby Brown is now a household name. Incredibly talented, Brown has been bagging several Netflix deals and other film projects while also becoming the youngest person to feature on Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. 

A glaring inspiration to many, especially young girls worldwide, Brown has the seamless talent of adapting to any role she receives. From playing a bald child with telekinetic powers in the Duffer brothers’ production Stranger Things to playing the headstrong and witty sister of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, in Harry Bradbeer’s Enola Holmes, Brown has done it all.

It is hard to imagine that Brown almost gave up her career prior to Stranger Things, but we are glad she didn’t!

Last seen in the fourth season of Stranger Things– which will soon premiere its fifth and final season sometime next year or early 2024- Brown will soon be seen in Enola Holmes 2, most of which is based on Nancy Springer’s eponymous series.

Before viewers get to experience Brown as the intelligent and sassy young Enola yet again in a new and crazy adventure, let us take a close look at the similarities between two of her most popular characters — Eleven and Enola.

The connections between Eleven and Enola Holmes:

Both display unwavering courage in times of adversity

In the first film, Enola Holmes is on a quest to find her mother, who has allegedly gone missing. Despite the several obstacles that line her path, Enola never gives up and relies on the values imparted by her mother (and the skills of her family) to stand her ground, even when she is losing against the likes of Linthorn.

Eleven, too, is incredibly brave. Left all alone to fend for herself, Eleven harnesses her powers and essentially defeats evil all by herself, with some help from her friends. It is Eleven who can defeat Vecna in season four of Stranger Things, and fans are eager to see whether she will have a doomed ending in the fifth and final season while defending Hawkins once and for all.

They have enviable determination throughout

Eleven and Enola are both pretty stubborn. In a good way. Neither of them is willing to give up, no matter how daunting the challenge. Enola, for instance, is witty and headstrong. She is determined to find her mother, Eudoria, despite her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft’s disdain at her potentially dangerous modus operandi.

Throughout Stranger Things, Eleven shows immense willpower and determination. From running away from the Hawkins Lab as an orphan with nowhere to go to being a part of a found family, Eleven carves her own path. Eleven is often seen pushing her limits while fighting the evils of Upside Down but never knowingly backs down from a challenge despite the toll it takes on her.

They are great friends to have around

Both Enola and Eleven are great friends to have around. Imagine being fiercely protected by Eleven’s telekinetic powers and having Enola to bounce riddles back and forth with!

Eleven, especially, is one of the best friends to have onboard Stranger Things. In season four, when she is taken hostage by Dr Brenner and his team, all she can think about are her friends. Eleven is grateful to them for essentially adopting her into their group when she had nobody and wants to give back tenfold by protecting them against all evil, irrespective of how difficult and challenging that might be for her.

They are selfless in their pursuit of the greater good

Even when her own mission is delayed, Enola helps Tewkesbury in times of distress. She is a strong believer in doing what is right, and that is reflected in all her actions throughout the film. From protecting him from Linthorn to potentially putting herself in danger, Enola is pretty selfless when it comes to standing up for the greater good.

Eleven is the epitome of selflessness. She never really cares about herself while getting involved in high-stakes operations that often threaten her own life. Given the events of the past four seasons, some fans are convinced that Eleven will die in the fifth season while protecting the town of Hawkins and defeating the monsters of Upside Down while closing the gate once and for all.

Both are absolute badass young feminist icons

Eleven is an absolute badass Eggo-loving feminist icon. Inarguably one of the strongest characters on the show, Eleven is absolutely incredible as she subverts gender roles and challenges stereotypes. From standing up against bullies to combating demons and men twice her size, Eleven does not conform to the general stereotypes associated with girls, especially in the 80s, and with the help of her friend, Max, is never afraid to speak her mind.

Enola Holmes, too, is a feminist icon from Victorian times who challenges the norms of being an “angel in the house”, a stereotype that pervaded the era. She demands equal rights and is unabashed and unapologetic in her ways of challenging patriarchal authority, first her brothers and then the society at large. Her potential disobedience and utter disregard for the oppressive rules liberate her and pose her as one of the greatest young feminist icons produced by Netflix.