Mike Myers stars in new trailer for ‘The Pentaverate’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Mike Myers stars in new trailer for 'The Pentaverate'

The brand new trailer for the Mike Myers Netflix comedy series, The Pentaverate has been released, with the actor playing a TV journalist named Ken Scarborough who sets out to save his own career by joining a secretive, dangerous organisation. 

Playing several characters, true to his eclectic filmography, including the Austin Powers trilogy, some of Myers’ other characters include Anthony Lansdowne, a peculiar conspiracy theorist and the far-right radio host Rex Smith as well as a whole host of other strange supporting characters.  

Whilst Myers very much takes the lead role, and many of the supporting ones too, he is joined by the likes of Keegan-Michael Key, Lydia West and Ken Jeong, with the latter exclaiming his joy working on the series in an interview with Looper.

“Working on ‘The Pentaverate’ was a career highlight for me because Mike Myers is not only a friend now, but he is really one of my comedy inspirations,” Jeong explained, adding, “One of the reasons why I do comedy at all is because of Mike, and a lot of comedic actors would say the same thing.” 

Mike Myers fell out of favour with modern audiences shortly after the release of the final Austin Powers movie, Goldmember in 2002, with his subsequent films, The Love Guru and The Cat in the Hat

Arriving on Netflix on May 5th, Myers will be hoping that the brand new series will revive his career, with the potential to revive rumours about the long-awaited Austin Power 4.